Friday, December 3, 2010

Self Pub?

Hey Everyone,

Just curious if any of you know of any authors who shifted from "traditional" publishing to self publishing?

It seems like there are several advantages to self publishing, yet, there is a bit of a stigma to it. As well, with self publishing, it can be difficult to have the book reviewed or carried in libraries.

However, if you self publish, you retain control.

Can you mention any authors who moved away from a publisher to go out on their own?



  1. Everybody knows about J. A. Konrath. He's written a lot about it on his blog.

  2. Ah! That name is new to me - will check it out! Thanks :)

  3. Funny question, but from how I see the industry, I would consider it if I was ever a serious name - like Stephen King - when you wouldn't care anymore about the stamp of legitimacy a publishing house lends you, but you wanted control of your own copy.

    The other way I might self-publish is if I had a message - maybe a political one, or something I felt could make the world a better place - but couldn't find a publishing house who wanted to get behind it.

    But I'm one of the rare ones - I actually like my publisher.

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