Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Mysteries and Gifts

Hey Folks,

With the holidays fast approaching, we're all busy shopping these days. What are your thoughts on mystery fiction as a gift? Are there some favourite authors that you regularly buy as gifts for people on your list?

I often give Inspector Morse novels to people that I know like to read, but aren't necessarily mystery fans. The writing is high quality and the plots are tightly woven together. I've turned on more than one person to Colin Dexter's writing... and they've gone back for more.

Another favourite to give - actually three favourite mystery fiction gift ideas - is Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown (Brown is my fave of the three). I love getting a kid turned onto reading!

Another can't miss gift is anything by Agatha Christie. I have a freind in Toronto who is originally from Chile. She is now fluent in English, but obviously SPanish is her native tongue. I found a Spanish bookstore and got her three Agatha Christie novels for Christmas on year. She was absolutley thrilled! Again, this person was not really a mystery reader, but she loved the stories, and I'll buy her a couple more this year.