Saturday, May 15, 2010

E-Readers & Digital Books

The topic of Kindle and Kobo and all sorts of digital book platforms has been all over the news the last while. I understand that there is something of a revolution in the book world and that there are many fears (valid and reactionary and everything in between) about the future of the publishing industry.

What I am wondering about is adoption: How quickly are people picking up Kindle and other similar electronic book gadgets? Of all my friends, family and colleagues, I only know two people who have - and use - an electronic reader. As well, as I travel around the city, taking buses and subways, I often see people reading actual books (you know, the paper things). I am not yet seeing great usuage of e-readers.

I will probably get an e-reader myself, some day,, but for now, I like the look of books n a shelf and the feel of a newly released hardcover in my hands, and I suspect many other also feel that way.


  1. I don't yet see many electonic users yet either, but I suspect that will change...

  2. I keep seeing more and more digital readers. Eventually I'll probably have one...the main use though would be for convenience when I travel (last trip I took, I lugged 6 books with me....made my luggage much heavier than a single e-reader device would've been).

    With that in mind, I prefer the paper version and would like to see some sort of 'bundle' option where I can buy the paper version and for an extra dollar or two (or even free), download the digital version for travel purchases.

    I've seen movies start to do's a little different because you can just "rip" the dvd locally...but some new movies I've bought actually come with an option to click through and download a digital version for free.