Saturday, February 6, 2010

Workshops and Seminars

Just a general query to mystery writers, whether published or aspiring...

What kinds of professional development/seminars/speakers would you be interested in? I'm NOT talking about writing itself (and workshops on things like character development, dialogue, etc.)

What I am thinking about is speakers who can talk about tools of the trade, such as a cop who has worked the beat, a lawyer well-versed in court procedures, a firefighter talking about arson, a parole officer, a gun expert, a computer whiz, a mortician, or....?

What sorts of things would be of interest to you? I remember a panel discussion I once attended where there was a Historian talking about autopsies circa 1900; and a different event with a guest speaker who told us all about poisonous plants (right in our own backyards!!); and there was also an interesting speaker once who was a retired cop - who had spent many years working undercover in organized crime.

So, if you could write up a mystery writer's wish-list, what kinds of learning opportunities would be on it?

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  1. The specific kinds of topics you listed are the most interesting. I love when experts hone their crafte specifically for our craft. One of the best speakers out there for this is Lee Lofland ( I also heard a psychiatrist talk specifically about psychopaths, and that was very intriguing. Another speech on blood spatter was fantastic.
    But I think I'm over the writer's craft symposiums. I get a lot of that on here. I'd rather learn things I can use in the plots and subjects of my books at conferences.
    What would I specifically enjoy? Hmmm...I would definitely attend anything historical, even though I may or may not ever use that in my writing. A lawyer talking about federal versus state charges related to murder word be top on my list. This can be so confusing and I want to make sure I get it right.

    GREAT question! I'm going to post it on my blog later today! And thank you for joining my blog, btw. :)